published December 31, 1969

SENCER E-Newsletter, September 2003, Volume 2, Issue 3

Using SALG at Lynchburg College - By: Woody McKenzie

I have been using the SALG for the past two years for both my SENCER-related "Principles of Science" course and my math/science teaching methods course. Lynchburg College had been using a standard evaluation form that was a hard copy "scantron" system until just this past year, so having the SALG option was a great alternative for me. We just went through a regional accreditation review, which led Lynchburg to adopt a course evaluation tool. By this time, though, I had already agreed to participate in the SALG evaluation research, so this past year I actually did both evaluations. My students definitely preferred doing the SALG; I think it was mainly because of its ease of use. They like doing it online and this contributes to the likelihood of them adding comments, since they are so easy to enter, using the keyboard. Besides, I didn't have to pass out those horrid little #2 pencils! I just scheduled a half hour in one of the computer labs, gave the students the URL and the password, and let them at it!

The SALG is already a reasonably good tool, and it is quite adaptable. I customized it for each of my courses by adding a few questions related to specific assignments and aspects of the courses. The really nice feature of SALG is that you can get the output back as soon as the entries are made! You get a web page for the statistics for each of the Likert-style questions and another page with the text from all the written comments. I saved these as web pages to my computer and then added them to my tenure and promotion report which I mounted as a website on a CD. Being able to click on a link and view this kind of data being shown from an "official-looking" external agency added a certain level of credibility to my report!

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