published December 31, 1969

SENCER E-Newsletter, November 2003, Volume 2, Issue 5

SSI 2002 Teams Report Progress

The reports are just now coming in from teams that have worked on SENCER projects during this past academic year. Details will follow the very brief synopses below:

Drake University's two-semester sequence integrates the science and mathematics disciplines throughout the two courses that focus on current issues: nutrition and global climate change.

Madonna University's new course, "Human Sexuality in a World of Diversity," is designed around SENCER idealsand is being offered for the Fall 2003 term.

Mercer University assembled a new Scientific Inquiry case study: "Nutrition and Health," a three to five week casestudy for use in a scientific inquiry course.

The primary goal of Northern Arizona University's Introductory ENV course is to imbue students with a fundamental knowledge of the scientific method applied to problems in environmental science, including biodiversity, water, and energy.

University Studies, the general education program at Portland State University, is offering a new Freshman Inquirytheme, "Pathways to Sustainability and Justice."

Simmons College redesigned an existing course, "Great Discoveries in Science," to cover similar material but through a new lens: "Feeding the World's Population."

Southern Oregon University created a SENCER pilot course, "Forensic Investigation," a hugely popular, general education class.