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SENCER E-Newsletter, November 2004, Volume 4, Issue 3

SENCER SALG Update: Math SALG Developed

By: Susan Lottridge, James Madison University

The Fall 2004 semester has brought a lot of activity with regard to the SENCER SALG. Aside from a large number of faculty using the instrument this fall, a version for mathematics was developed.

Fall 2004 PRE-SENCER SALG administration The PRE-SENCER SALG was used this past semester by 28 faculty from 24 colleges and universities in the United States. These 28 faculty administered the instrument in 47 courses to 3088 students. A total of 1843 students completed the instrument, which resulted in an overall response rate of 60% (SD=19%, min =17%, max =93%). Table 1 lists four ranges of responses rates and the number of courses in each range.

Table 1 - Ranges of response rates to Fall 2004 PRE-SENCER SALG Administration

Range of response ratesNumber of courses

Development of MATH SENCER SALG

The team from Loyola Marymount University requested that a MATH SENCER SALG be created to better suit SENCER mathematics courses. The team worked with Tim Weston and Sue Lottridge to modify the SENCER SALG, and by replaced references to science with references to mathematics and statistics.

So far, one faculty member has administered the MATH PRE-SENCER SALG in two courses to 400 students. The response rate to these administrations was 56% (224 students responding).

Using the SENCER SALG or MATH SENCER SALG as a post instrument in Fall 04
Faculty who are interested in using SENCER SALG or MATH SENCER SALG as an end-of-course instrument in Fall 2004 should contact Sue Lottridge (