published April 1, 2006

SENCER E-Newsletter, April 2006, Volume 5, Issue 6

SENCER Evaluation Report Indicates Significant Gains Among Women, Non-Majors, and Previously Underperforming Students

A preliminary evaluation report from the SENCER Evaluation Team that finds that women, non-majors, and previously underperforming students show significant learning gains in SENCER courses is now available online.

The report analyzes data collected over five semesters from just under 300 classes using the pre- and post-test version of the SENCER SALG (Student Assessment of Learning Gains).

In addition to the SALG data, the report includes information from a faculty survey. The majority of the respondents surveyed reported that their SENCER courses had become a permanent part of the curriculum. You can access the complete report here SENCER or on the NCSCE website NCSCE Assessment