published December 31, 1969

SENCER E-Newsletter, May 2005, Volume 4, Issue 9

SENCER Assessment: Faculty Survey is Underway

By: Tim Weston, University of Colorado - Boulder

The SENCER assessment team at the University of Colorado is currently conducting a survey of faculty members who have used the SALG with their students. If you were selected for the survey, please help us by taking a few minutes to fill out the survey and send it back to us by mail, or fill out the survey online. Your feedback will help SENCER by providing information about current courses and suggestions for improving the SALG and the SENCER program. Those participating in the survey receive a small gift certificate to

A more general survey of all the instructors who have taught a SENCER course is planned for June. The results of this survey will also provide information about what types of courses are being taught and the kind of instruction used by faculty. Your participation is greatly appreciated! For questions about the SENCER-SALG and the SENCER assessment team please contact Tim Weston at or 303-735-2687. For questions about administering the SENCER-SALG to your students contact Sue Lottridge at