published March 1, 2007

SENCER E-Newsletter, March 2007, Volume 6, Issue 6

NCSCE Proposes Suite of Ocean Literacy Courses in Application to NOAA

The National Center for Science and Civic Engagement was recently invited to submit a full proposal to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) for a grant under their Environmental Literacy Grants for Formal K-12 Education program, after submitting a pre-proposal in the late fall. The full application for the grant was due on March 21st, and we are pleased with the program we've envisioned. Designed to educate a generation of new school teachers, our proposed plan includes inviting 10 partner institutions to work with us over the three year term of the grant to develop a suite of SENCER courses and programs that would increase ocean literacy.

Sea Surface Chart

We were heartened by the strong, positive response we received from a note sent out a month ago asking interested parties to respond with information on their current teacher education program and any environmental studies coursework. We received answers from many more institutions than we would be able to include in the project, and the collection exhibits diversity in student population, geographical location, and existing environmental studies programs. Respondents represent institutions with combined annual enrollments of 13,322 students in pre-service education majors alone, and collectively manage ~5,500 student teacher placements per year.

Sea Surface Chart

If we're fortunate enough to be funded by NOAA, we plan to organize a competitive process to choose the ten project partners. NOAA should notify us in the early summer, and as soon as we know the result, we will pass that along to you. At that point, we would email and post on our website specific information about a RFP process and deadlines. Tentatively, we would plan to collect applications in Fall 2007 and announce the project partners before winter break.