published April 24, 2014

Article by Leadership Fellow Highlights Student Engagement in SENCER Microbiology Course

Recently, the British Journal of Applied Science and Technology published an article by Harold Washington College faculty and students that focuses on changes in "students' awareness, attitude, and perceptions" about issues and events relating to microbiology as they emerged in a specific course. The lead author, Dr. Farahnaz Movahedzadeh, is a SENCER Leadership Fellow and has participated in Harold Washington College's SENCER initiatives for several years. The basic microbiology course featured special attention to topics including the impacts of the use and misuse of antibiotics, the emerging attention to beneficial bacteria in the human system, and recent developments in fecal transplants. Assessment data showed that connecting course content to these topics and issues improved students' ability to learn and retain microbiology.

The authors of the article also presented on the outcomes of their work at the 2013 Washington Symposium and Capitol Hill Poster Session. To access the poster presentation abstract published in the Symposium program, please click here.

To access the full article, please visit the Journal site here.