published April 11, 2014

Riverland Community College to host "Making STEM Real" Symposium June 16-17

With funds provided though its SSI 2013 Post-Institute Implementation Award, the Riverland Community College SENCER team will be hosting a symposium on their campus in Austin, Minnesota on June 16 and 17.

Each day of the Symposium will consist of morning plenary sessions with experienced SENCER practitioner leaders, Dr. Monica Devanas and Dr. Theo Koupelis. Monica and Theo will introduce the participants to the SENCER models of curriculum and active learning. The first day will also include hands-on workshops to offer participants opportunities to interact and partner with colleagues to improve STEM education within their institutions and communities. The second day will include a panel discussion with Dr. Devanas, Dr. Koupelis, Dr. John Zobitz, and Dr. Rick Dunning for extended discussion and response to audience questions.