published March 28, 2014

"Internet Privacy, Computer Ethics, and DiversITy"

Internet Privacy, Computer Ethics, and DiversITy in the STEM fields will be the focus of SCI-New England regional meeting to be held at Southern Connecticut State University on Saturday, April 5th from 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM. In the first of three morning presentations, Dr. Craig Willis of Worcester Polytechnic Institute, will update attendees on the state of internet privacy and the related concept of data leakage. He will review steps users can take to curb the unwanted sharing of their information.

Professor Willis will be followed by Dr. Terrell Bynum of Southern Connecticut State University, a professor of philosophy and SENCER Model author. Professor Bynum will explore the intersection of SENCER ideals and computer ethics. His address will explain how thinking about and researching "policy vacuums," or situations not governed by current policy, can get students interested in privacy and computer security issues.

Wrapping up the morning sessions will be Dr. Pablo Garcia Molina of Southern Connecticut State University, who will discuss the state of diversity within the STEM fields. The Chief Information Officer at Southern Connecticut State, Dr. Molina, will help the conferees to learn how to reap the benefits of the increased diversity in culture, languages, and national identities within the information technology field.

Afternoon sessions, facilitated by Southern Connecticut faculty members, will help participants implement SENCER approaches. Dr. Jim Tait will offer a session on "integrated learning within STEM disciplines and beyond." Drs. Winnie Yu and Maria Diamantis will lead a session about "promoting STEM as a K-16 effort involving community partners." Finally, Dr. Susan Cusato will lead a session on going from theory to practice, treating a range of topics from creating and evaluating a SENCER course, to getting published in a SENCER journal, to exploring how SCI-NE can help in seeking external grants.

Registration for the event is free and can be completed here. The full agenda and logistical details for the meeting are available here.