published March 13, 2014

University of Pretoria Hosts SENCER Symposium

The first SENCER Symposium at the University of Pretoria, coordinated by Dr. Debra Meyer, is occurring this week in South Africa. Funded by a South Africa Department of Higher Education and Training Teaching Development Grant, the conference brings together academics and administrators from three institutions - the University of Johannesburg, Tshwane University of Technology, and the host institution, the University of Pretoria.

Dr. Debra Meyer, professor in the department of biochemistry at the University of Pretoria, has been a long time leader in the SENCER community in the United States and internationally. She has shared valuable information on her work in South Africa and abroad with colleagues through presentations, publications, and discussions.

During this week's symposium, attendees will learn about SENCER from Dr. Meyer, SENCER Co-Founders David Burns and Karen Kashmanian Oates, and Garon Smith, professor of chemistry at the University of Montana Missoula. Sessions will not only introduce the SENCER approach to attendees, but will also focus on specific applications of the ideals in practice in settings such as large lecture courses and a special focus on chemistry applications. David Burns will lead a discussion on the connection between science education and democracy. All SENCER leaders present will introduce the SENCER models to participants and provide guidance to those who wish to develop a course or program for consideration.

An upcoming issue of the eNews will highlight results of the meeting and reactions from speakers and attendees. We also anticipate sharing pictures from the week's events!
(All information provided courtesy of Dr. Debra Meyer)