published December 10, 2013

NCSCE Strategic Planning Update: WPI Student Team Recognized During Celebration at Library of Congress

Krista Anderson, Matthew Forman, and David Wians
Worcester Polytechnic Institute NCSCE Team

On November 10, 2013, Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) hosted a celebration at the Library of Congress to commemorate the 40th and 25th year anniversaries of the project centers in Washington, DC and Venice, Italy, respectively. This event, held in the James Madison Memorial Building of the Library of Congress, was a testament to WPI's focus on global studies, and developing students who are members of an international community.

The WPI students working with the strategic planning committee (see the earlier eNews story HERE for more detail) were asked to present a poster at this celebration regarding their work for the National Center for Science and Civic Engagement, along with their peers. Dignitaries from WPI and the Washington DC area, including WPI President Phil Ryan, Senators Elizabeth Warren and Edward Markey, and Congressmen James McGovern were all in attendance for this event. Each member of the congressional delegation drew attention to the importance of WPI's contributions to the local community and the country, as WPI provides well-rounded educational experiences for all students and allows them to see the interdisciplinary, real-world impacts of their education.

The event began with a meet and greet between the students and invited guests, where students had the chance to discuss their work with their respective agencies. Each team of students prepared a poster to facilitate the discussion of their work. This highlighted not only WPI's work with these organizations, but the high standard of work produced by WPI students.

Representatives from WPI's administrative staff, as well as the Washington DC and Venice project centers all made positive remarks, congratulating the students on their work and commenting on the outstanding academic leadership of WPI. Speakers provided a history of the evolution of the program on campus, nationally, and internationally, as well as summarizes of projects students have conducted and the measurable results on the organizations with which they have worked. The event was well attended and positively received, emphasizing the quality of work expected from WPI teams during their project term.

The WPI NCSCE team is part of a group of 23 students from WPI, all of whom are working with agencies in the Washington DC area. Local WPI alumni along with representatives from the Board of Trustees and high-ranking members of the Interdisciplinary Global Studies Division were also present at this event. Each team's project sponsors were invited to attend the event. NCSCE was represented at the reception by David Burns, Executive Director, and Danielle Kraus Tarka, Deputy Executive Director.