published October 17, 2013

Staff Departure Announcement - Amanda Moodie

It is with mixed emotions I would like to announce I have accepted a new position with an IT company here in Atlanta, Georgia. While I am going to miss the entire SENCER community, I am excited to start my new endeavor as Global Conferences Specialist. This opportunity will give me the chance to use my Spanish, International Business degree and to travel to both Europe and Asia, as I've always wanted!

I can't thank all of you enough for making my time with the National Center such a positive experience. I am excited for this next step in my career, but promise to do my best to stay connected with the SENCER family. My last full day will be October 22nd, but I will remain with the National Center on a consulting basis for a few weeks following my departure. If you need to reach me during that time, I will be checking my email periodically. If you would like to stay connected after I have finished my time with the Center, please send me an email and I am happy to provide personal contact information.

Thanks again for all of your support and great memories throughout my career with NCSCE!

Wishing you all the best,