published October 17, 2013

2014 ACS Annual Meeting to Feature SENCER Symposium

Dr. Richard D. Sheardy has been recognized by the American Chemical Society (ACS) and will again host a symposium as part of the ACS annual meeting on SENCER. This year's symposium will address "Science Education and Civic Engagement: The Role of Undergraduate Research." Specifically, the abstract states that "...Recent efforts [in the SENCER community] have focused on incorporating civic engagement into science majors' courses to enhance student learning and community awareness. This symposium will feature presentations describing how undergraduate research can accomplish these goals." The 2014 meeting will be held from August 10-14 in San Francisco, and a call for papers will be issued early in the new year.

Past ACS symposia on SENCER facilitated by Dr. Sheardy have included "Science Education and Civic Engagement: The SENCER Approach," and "Science Education and Civic Engagement: The Next Level." As a direct outcome of these symposia, SENCER was invited by the ACS Symposium Series to publish books on the topics. Sheardy and SENCER PI David Burns have served as editors of these books, the most recent of which was published online in December 2012 and in print in the spring of 2013.