published September 19, 2013

Applications for SSI 2013 Post-Institute Implementation Sub-Awards Invited

With support from the National Science Foundation, SENCER is fortunate to be able to offer sub-awards to support campus-based and multi-institutional collaborations programs and projects designed to implement the SENCER approach. Post-Institute Implementation Awards are awarded following a competitive review process. The awards are for projects of up to two years, with a start date of December 1, 2013, and a maximum award of $3,000.

Our sub-awards are intended to promote the implementation of meritorious projects. Successful applicants will have demonstrated a commitment to developing measurable and achievable goals and will have described innovative but simple plans to acquire evidence of project outcomes.

Potential projects appropriate for sub-award applications include course/program development or redesign, campus-based faculty development initiatives, outreach to institutions or colleagues new to SENCER, and/or research into student learning. We also invite proposals for new applications of the SENCER approach, such as to STEM majors education, new disciplines, and/or courses or programs centered on new compelling civic topics.

The National Center has an NSF-endorsed goal of bringing new institutions into the SENCER program. Thus, we are especially interested in proposals that include outreach to new institutions as well as multi-institutional collaborations. We also solicit proposals for projects that will lead to broader and deeper engagement by institutions, whose faculty and academic leaders have had only minimal contact with SENCER to date. In this context, successful applicants would include those who propose:

(1) planning activities that lead to full team applications to SSI 2014 and 2015,

(2) outreach to new institutions (especially community colleges) with whom the applicant institution has substantial transfer activity (or vice versa: outreach by community colleges to baccalaureate degree granting institutions),

(3) multi-institutional team development activities that include institutions new to SENCER or complex civic challenges not yet represented in the portfolio of SENCER model courses and programs, and

(4) projects that apply the SENCER ideals to introductory courses designed for students intending to major in the STEM fields or "linked-courses" or learning communities designed to pair teaching methods courses (teacher pre-service training) with introductory courses in the basic sciences.

There are two categories of eligibility. The primary category applies to teams that had four or more members present at SSI 2013, attended the orientation session, have completed the online program evaluations, and submitted complete proposals. These teams will have priority for funding. Following the review of proposal that met all the criteria described above, we will consider applications from the secondary category, that is by groups or two or three, individual Institute participants, SCEWestNet nodal representatives, and SENCER-ISE higher education partners who participated in SSI 2013.

The good news is that we have funds sufficient to make awards to all the applicants in the first category who submit meritorious proposals that meet all published criteria. Beyond that—and based on how many awards that will be made to the applicants in the primary category—we are pleased to be able to report that we will have funds to make at least 22 awards in the secondary category to applicants who present meritorious proposals.

Applications must be submitted by October 17 for consideration. For more information on the sub-award application and review process, please click here .