published July 24, 2013

Noyce Foundation Award to Support a Second Cohort of SENCER-ISE Civic Engagement Partnerships

Hailey Chenevert, National Center for Science and Civic Engagement

The National Center for Science and Civic Engagement is pleased to announce that a second cohort of Civic Engagement Partnership Support Awardees has been welcomed into the Science Education and New Civic Engagement Responsibilities-Informal Science Education (SENCER-ISE) initiative. The new SENCER-ISE cohort contains four partnerships between higher education and informal science education institutions. The new awardees were chosen from among the many meritorious project applications that we received in connection with the RFP we issued for proposals last Spring.

The new partnerships are made possible through the generous support of the Noyce Foundation. The Foundation was created by the Noyce family in 1990 'to honor the memory and legacy of Dr. Robert N. Noyce, co-founder of Intel and inventor of the integrated circuit which fueled the personal computer revolution and gave Silicon Valley its name.' The Foundation website contains this account of its mission:

In recognition of Bob [Noyce]'s concern about the shrinking pipeline of students interested and committed to science-related careers, the Noyce Foundation has focused on math, science, and supporting work in research and policy. Much of our focus has been on improving instruction in math, science, and early literacy in public schools. As schools focused on math and literacy in response to No Child Left Behind, leaving science behind, we emphasized support for out-of-school science programs that show promise of sustaining and engaging students' interest through middle school, a time when students tend to make critical decisions about subjects that interest them. Our informal science initiative includes support for leadership development in science centers .

Noyce's award for the new SENCER-ISE partnerships represents the third time that the Foundation has provided support for Center initiatives. Their support enabled us to bring students to the DC Symposium that highlighted informal science education. Another award supplemented the NSF award that supported our SENCER-ISE planning activities.

"We are deeply grateful to the Noyce Foundation for its support of our SENCER-ISE program and for the confidence they have in the SENCER approach," David Burns, NCSCE's executive director remarked. "The Noyce SENCER-ISE Partnerships will bring our total number of partners to ten, enabling us to expand programs' diversity, focus on important additional topics of civic consequence, and broaden the potential impact of what we believe is a path-breaking initiative."

The first cohort of six partnerships is being supported through our SENCER-ISE award from the National Science Foundation (access story here). NCSCE is in the process of finalizing the awards with the selected new partnerships. We will announce the names of the four new partnerships and describe their projects in a future edition of eNews once we all necessary award documents are completed.

For more information on the SENCER-ISE initiative, please visit the NCSCE initiative page, found here, or the SENCER-ISE website, found here .