published July 10, 2013

SENCER Pearls of Practice: A Request from the Models-to-Materials Team

Food! We are searching for SENCER course assignments related to food, including topics such as hunger, fast food, slow food, nutrition, food security, obesity, trans fats, and diabetes. This "harvest" of Pearls of Practice is part of the Models-to-Materials initiative, as described in the May 2 edition of SENCER eNews (see here).

Do you have a food-related course activity or assignment? Do you know somebody else in the SENCER community who does? If so, please help us.

Recently, we contacted several SENCER Model authors in order to harvest SENCERized assignments related to food. We are now casting the net more broadly to all faculty in the SENCER community who have taught food-related courses at the undergraduate level.

We are particularly interested in contacting people who have attended previous SENCER Summer Institute (SSI) workshops on "Slow Food" led by Marion Fass and who have taught food-related courses since then. Our goal is to have a diverse portfolio of assignments and activities to present at this year's SSI at Santa Clara University.

We welcome hearing about your food-related activities and assignments. Please contact Glenn Odenbrett ( and Cathy Middlecamp (