published March 20, 2013

New Webinar Series to Debut in Fall 2013

Katie Shade, NCSCE

This fall, the National Center will debut a new resource for the SENCER community. With support from the National Science Foundation's TUES grant, SENCER staff and alumni will host a series of webinars that expand upon on sessions and activities at this year's SENCER Summer Institute.

Dr. Monica Devanas (pictured) of Rutgers University, one of the SENCER Co-Principal Investigators, is coordinating the webinar development process for NCSCE. SENCER has partnered with Magna Publications, a leader in the field of higher education professional development, to produce the webinars. You can learn more about SENCER's partnership with Magna here.

Past SENCER participants frequently requested additional online activities to supplement our national events. Accordingly, the webinars will focus on key implementation issues such as basic SENCER course design, assessment, pedagogy, civic engagement, and community building and planning.

The webinars will be useful for faculty and administrators with various levels of SENCER experience. Specifically, teams that attend SSI 2013 and are eligible to apply for Post-Institute Implementation Awards may find these webinars especially useful as they develop SENCER courses and projects on their campuses. However, registration will not be restricted to SSI 2013 participants. We invite you to watch the webinars with your colleagues who are not able to attend SSI 2013.

As Dr. Devanas said, "if you care about science and civic engagement, you should not miss these webinars! We are truly excited that the new funding for SENCER III will help us to provide more support and materials for our participating team members, their colleagues, and everyone interested in using SENCER principles to improve student learning."

Please watch for more information about the SENCER Magna webinars in future issues of the eNews. In the coming months, we will be announcing the presenters, dates of the webinars, and registration information. After each webinar, an online communication platform will be available for participants to interact with SENCER staff and colleagues. More information about this platform will also be available this summer.