published February 21, 2013

Deadline for Submission to SECEIJ Extended to March 1: Special Issue on Two-Year Colleges

Guest Editors: Judy Miner and Peter Murray, Foothill College

About the Journal
Science Education and Civic Engagement: An International Journal is an online, peer-reviewed journal. It publishes articles that examine how to use important civic issues as a context to engage students, stimulate their interest, and promote their success in mathematics, engineering and science. By exploring civic questions, we empower students to become "civic scientists" who contribute to their communities at the local, national, and global level.

The journal publishes the following types of articles:
- Review
- Research
- Project Report
- Point of View
- Teaching & Learning
- Science Education & Public Policy
- Book & Media Reports

About the Special Issue
We invite manuscript submissions for the Summer 2013 issue of the journal that will focus on science and civic engagement at two-year colleges. The importance of these colleges to the U.S. educational landscape and their capacities for future development has been emphasized in recent reports from the National Research Council and the President's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology. Two-year colleges are at the forefront of innovations in addressing 21st century educational goals, such as preparing the future workforce and providing high-quality, accessible education to a diverse population of students.

Possible manuscript topics for the special issue are listed below but we welcome submissions on other topics.
- International collaborations to globalize the two-year college
- The "Living Laboratory" for preparing the future workforce
- Using civic issues to develop students' quantitative and scientific literacy
- Future directions for mathematics and science education at two-year colleges

Information for authors can be obtained at Please send all inquiries and manuscript submissions to the journal's managing editor: Marcy Dubroff,