published February 7, 2013

Franco Named SENCER Visiting Scientist

Dr. Robert Franco, Director of the Office for Institutional Effectiveness and Professor of Pacific Anthropology at Kapiolani Community College, has been invited to serve as a SENCER Visiting Scientist for 2013. In this role, he will try to identify funding sources for the development of "community science centers" and K-College STEM Pipelines for underserved communities and under-represented students. These pipelines highlight the important role of SENCER courses in first and second science curriculum, associate degrees, and transfer pathways. He will also continue to advance strategic synergies between Campus Compact and EPSCoR Outreach in those states that have both of these programs. He will be presenting varied STEM Pipeline models to colleagues in ten states: Colorado, Tennessee, West Virginia, Kentucky, Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Montana, and Oklahoma, and hopes to be based at the New England Research Center for Higher Education at University of Massachusetts, Boston in April 2013. He will present a poster on "Taking STEM Pipelines Seriously" at the Washington, DC SENCER Poster event, and at the SENCER Summer Institute at Santa Clara University, August 1-5, 2013.

SENCER Visiting Scholars generally serve for a semester or a year and are designated by their major professional identification, such as "SENCER Visiting Scientist," or "SENCER Visiting Mathematician." Past Visiting Scholars include Dr. Cynthia Kaus of Metropolitan State University, Dr. Sherryl Broverman of Duke University, Dr. Garon Smith of the University of Montana, Dr. Marion Field Fass of Beloit College, and Dr. Dennis Lehman.