published November 7, 2012

SENCER Alumni Work Published in New Book

The work of Dr. Gwen Cohen Brown and Dr. Laina Karthikeyan is featured in the recently published Cases on Interdisciplinary Research Trends in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics: Studies on Urban Classrooms. Dr. Cohen Brown and Dr. Karthikeyan, both of New York City College of Technology, City University of New York, have made exemplary strides in their adaptations of the SENCER approach over a relatively short period of time. Their work has had a positive impact on students and has been the focus of several pieces in various publications recognizing their achievements.

Their chapter, "Integration of Civic Engagement Pedagogies in the STEM Disciplines," discusses how the authors have applied the SENCER approach to the topics of nutrition, oral health, and oral cancer and prevention in an interdisciplinary learning community. Please visit this page to learn more. Readers have the choice to purchase either the entire book, or just an individual chapter of interest.