published August 30, 2012

A Word from David Burns, Executive Director, NCSCE

We're back with our regular e-newsletters, and we are very happy about it!

As you will learn from the message from Danielle, this has been a difficult Summer for her and for our team. But, ours is a story with a happy ending, or at least a very happy new beginning.

This is also a time to express appreciation, first, to all of you, our readers and members of the SENCER and extended community, for your patience, your caring, the prayers many of you offered for Danielle's recovery, your kind messages and for the assistance provided to us over the past six weeks.

And it is an occasion for me to express my special thanks to Amanda Moodie for her work in keeping our work on track and making the SENCER Summer Institute a success. Amanda and Danielle join me in expressing our appreciation to our team, Glenn Odenbrett, Ellen Mappen, Chuck Gahun, Eliza Reilly, Katie Shade, Paul Kashmanian, Bill Bennett, Karen Oates, and my own daughters, Helena and Caroline (who volunteered to help at SSI). To a person, the SENCER community rallied to offer help. Thanks to the excellent planning done by Danielle and Amanda, and the help that our host, Amy Shachter and Santa Clara University colleagues, provided, we had a most successful Summer Institute meeting.

Finally, thanks also to all of you who wrote letters to be included in the very touching book presented to me on August 4, the occasion of my 65th birthday. Until I received your lovely messages, I thought the only folks who were noticing that I had reached this milestone were the thousands of salespeople trying to sell me supplemental Medicare coverage! I am deeply grateful for your kind expressions.

So now we are on to a new year filled with high expectations, renewed hope, and the possibilities of great achievement. May your year be a good one. Here's hoping that we will be in touch with one another in the coming months as we work to improve learning and strengthen our democracy.