published August 30, 2012

A Note on the eNews from Danielle Kraus Tarka, Associate Director

As many of you may have noticed, the eNews has not been published as usual this summer, and as things have calmed down for us, we wanted to let you know why this occurred. In late June, I was hit by a vehicle while walking through a crosswalk. I can't emphasize how lucky I am to have survived, to be expected to recover completely, and to be surrounded by wonderful family, friends, and colleagues who have all made the past weeks as easy for me as possible as I have been healing.

Given the timing of the accident, the eNews was put on hold as Amanda, David, and Glenn focused on preparing for the Institute. Amanda, especially, took over items I had been responsible for preparing and ran the Institute on-site (wonderfully, as I have heard from many, many people!).

It will be a little while until I am able be physically in the office, but thanks to laptops I am reachable by email and we are still be able to receive physical mail, faxes, and voicemail at our main office location and get back to you. Please allow a bit more time for phone calls to be returned over the next few weeks. Katie Shade, who served as part of the SSI 2012 on-site staff, will also be working with us part time to help us keep up with our initiatives and your needs.

We are happy to resume our regular schedule of the eNews and look forward to hearing from you about how your projects are going! Best of luck as the fall semester begins.