published March 28, 2012

SENCER Begins New Collaboration with Magna Publications

SENCER will partner with Magna Publications on a series of webinars designed around key implementation issues such as basic course design, assessment, pedagogy, civic engagement, and community building and planning. The online webinars will be supplemented by discussion groups following each live event. We anticipate that the first of these webinars will be available early this summer. Details on how to sign up will be published in the eNews. Webinars conducted in the fall will be especially oriented for team recipients of implementation awards following participation in SSI 2012, but will also be open to the public.

A social media survey conducted last spring conveyed that SENCER community members are interested in additional online resources, such as webinars, to supplement in-person meetings. The collaboration with Magna directly responds to this need, and will also serve to disseminate SENCER methods, campus applications, and results to the larger community of STEM educators. The partnership will be led by Dr. Monica Devanas, SCI-Midatlantic co-director and director of faculty development and assessment programs at Rutgers University.

Founded in 1972, Magna Publications serves the higher education community by facilitating faculty and staff development. Magna publishes newsletters and white papers, produces live online seminars, hosts national conferences, and creates video recordings. In 2011, our online seminar by the authors of the book Academically Adrift was shown at more than 650 locations, and an additional 250 recordings were sold. The reach of this program included several thousands of people. Approximately 4,000 campuses nationally and internationally have purchased Magna Publications products. Magna's current audience includes the names of approximately 200,000 individuals. During each of the last few years, Magna has produced about 80 new online seminars a year. Magna currently produce six newsletters. Faculty Focus has the highest circulation with more than 75,000 subscribers.

Photograph of Monica Devanas