published May 12, 2010

Journal Site Redesigned to Include Comment Space and Advanced Search

The Science Education and Civic Engagement: An International Journal editorial team recently launched a redesigned website at, following a year of discussion, experimentation, and review. The new website features a fresh, updated design, created by Blend, and easy-to-navigate pages for each of the articles in the current issue. The site features links to several affiliated organizations, including SENCER, NCSCE, and the National Science Foundation, and downloadable PDF versions of the each Journal issue.

Goals of the new design included enhancing search options and increasing interactivity for visitors. To this end, staff included a comments section for each article and an advanced search option. New features include comments sections for each of the articles, and a search function. The search function will give users the ability to browse through the entire text of SECEIJ by keyword, and also sorts articles by type on the front page. The comments feature encourages readers to engage in scholarly discussions with each other and make connections beyond the printed word. Planned additions to the site include a simple online submission system for all articles and secure space for our internal and external reviewers.

We invite you to visit the redesigned website and share your thoughts with us over the coming weeks. We welcome your comments, suggestions, and of course, contributions to future issues of the Journal.