Evaluating Learning

Evaluation and Assessment Strategies

Student achievement is assessed through a variety of assignments and tests, including quizzes, writings assignments, attendance and participation, performance in a role-playing exercise, and the creation of their individual "glossary." In addition to the standard course evaluation process, students are also required to participate in "pre" and "post" versions of the on-line SENCER SALG (Student Assessment of Learning Gains).


Quizzes and writing assignments: 40%

Because there are multiple instructors in the course, there will also be multiple forms of testing and writing. For most of the "content" weeks, these will take-home quizzes on the material covered; for the "context" weeks, they will be writing assignments of some kind. All students are expected to take (and hopefully pass!) all of the assignments.

Attendance and Participation in Discussion: 20%

All students are expected to attend all classes, and demonstrate engagement with the material through discussion, questions and interaction with each other and with the invited lecturers. Drs. Kelty and Kulinowski will assess student participation case by case.

Glossary: 20%

Each Tuesday, students will hand in a "glossary entry" which explains the significance of some concept or term from the previous week.

Semester-end Role Playing Exercise: 20%

An end of semester mock debate, in which students are expected to learn specific roles and play them out in class.

Honor Code and Plagiarism

Quizzes and Writing Assignments are expected to be the student's own work. We will make clear before each one, whether it is timed, open/closed book, or involves other restrictions.

Glossary entries must clearly indicate sources, when used, using proper citation (if you don't know, ask!). Glossary entries are expected to be the student's own orginal work.

The Role Playing assignment will involve students working together in groups. Any written components may be done collaboratively, but again, all referenced sources must be properly.

Student Assessment of Learning Gains

The student assessment of Learning Gains is a survey. It is required of all students, but will have no effect on your grade or standing in the class.

All students must fill out the pre-course survey, which can be found here:

Student Assessment of Learning Gains

Course ID: 110
Course Password: rice235
Student ID:

Student ID is your Rice username. So if your email address is hello@rice.edu, then your username is hello.

The data you enter will only be used by Rice faculty in the aggregate. Individual responses will not be matched to student identities. Please be honest in your assessments of yourself and the course.