The Course


Syllabus for Nanotechnology (Acrobat (PDF) 77kB Jun23 08)


The goal of "Nanotechnology: Context and Content" is to teach you some basic nanoscience/nanotechnology by putting it in a social and cultural context. Students are expected to learn both some basic science and technology and at the same time, some techniques for understanding the social and cultural significance, role, and possible effects of this emerging science. Students from from all majors are encouraged to take this class. In addition, students are expected to assist each other in learning and discussing the content and the context, and to maintain respect for both the scientific and the social and cultural approaches.

The class is designed for, but not necessarily restricted to, freshlings and sophmores. Two main instructors (Drs. Kelty and Kulinowski) will coordinate the class, and 6 other instructors have been invited to teach in particular weeks. This means students should be prepared for a bit of a roller-coaster ride of different topics and questions, but with the underying goal of teaching science and technology by looking at it in context. Be prepared to learn diverse things from people with different teaching styles. This also means that attendance is mandatory, since there will be no way to "make up" the lectures given by our guests.

You can receive either Group II or Group III distribution credit from this course (but not both!). For Group II Credit, sign up for Anth 235; for Group III credit, sign up for Chem 235.

Just in case it is not obvious: you need to complete ALL of the work in the class to receive credit for the course.