Background and Context

What is the role of the course in your institution's undergraduate curriculum?

Rice University is a private, research institution with a highly-selective undergraduate program. The Nanotechnology course has no prerequisites and is targeted toward first- and second-year students from any discipline. It is designed for a mix of science and non-science majors in order to promote cross disciplinary discussions. A major attraction of the course for undergraduates is that the course is cross-listed in the chemistry and anthropology departments and it satisfies general education requirements for both science and non-science majors. Students majoring in social science or humanities disciplines can have the class counted toward their Group III science distribution requirement; science and engineering students can have the class counted toward their Group II social science distribution requirement. This provides a compelling incentive to take the class for the many Rice students whose required curricula leave little room for elective courses. The course does not fulfill requirements for any major.

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