Evaluating Learning

Tests and Formative Assessments:
Formative assessments will contain short answer questions. Tests and the final exam will contain a blend of multiple choice and short answer/essay questions, focusing on biological concepts and problem-solving. A few of these will involve working in teams. The final exam is cumulative.
Tests and formative assessments must be taken at the scheduled time, except in cases of illness or emergency. In the event of illness, please contact your instructor before class time.

SALG Surveys and Teamwork Assessments:
These on-line surveys are conducted near the beginning, middle, and end of the course. They are meant to gauge students' assessments of their learning gains with respect to the course goals. Your instructors will not be able to track your answers to you, but they will know whether or not you have completed each SALG. Full credit is given to all who complete each SALG in the allotted time.
Team members and instructors will assess teamwork near the middle and end of the course.