Linking Science and Social Issues

The Course teaches

Systems Biology through:
Science-based Systems Thinking and Public Policy; Holism v. Reductionism; "Preponderance of Evidence" as the Basis of Scientific Consensus

Biodiversity and Conservation through:
Biodiversity Conservation; Climate Change Mitigation; Ecosystem Restoration (Service Learning); Human Environmental Impacts and Stewardship

Evolution through:
Evolutionary Impacts of Climate Change; Antibiotic Resistance; Comparative Genomic Analyses; Cultural v. Biological Concepts of Race

Food Biomolecules, Metabolism and Nutrition through:
Industrial v. Sustainable Agriculture; Farm Subsidies and Food Systems; Food v. Fuel Controversies; Dietary Guidelines; Malnutrition; Obesity and Related Diseases; Food Security

System Function and Microbial Ecology through:
Transmission of Infectious Disease; Antibiotic Resistance; Rise of Allergies and Autoimmune Disorders

Cellular Reproduction, Genetics and Genomics through:
Race and Human Genomics; Eugenics; Genomic Medicine; Public Health; Stem Cell Research; Regenerative Medicine