Evaluating Learning

Student performance is evaluated through journals, field trip and lab exercises, projects, presentations, and two exams. Pre and post-assessments are administered using the SENCER Student Assessment of Learning Gains (SALG).

Field Excursions:

Campus Nature Walk (Acrobat (PDF) 803kB Jul31 13)

CREW Field Excursion (Acrobat (PDF) 111kB Jul31 13)

Corkscrew Sanctuary Field Trip (Acrobat (PDF) 132kB Jul31 13)

BNP Field Excursion (Acrobat (PDF) 65kB Jul31 13)

Barefoot Beach Field Excursion (Acrobat (PDF) 378kB Jul31 13)


Naturalist Journal Template (Acrobat (PDF) 55kB Jul31 13)

Nature Journal I Task List (Acrobat (PDF) 85kB Jul31 13)

Nature Journal II Task List (Acrobat (PDF) 69kB Jul31 13)


Project Proposal (Acrobat (PDF) 83kB Jul31 13)

Project Details (Acrobat (PDF) 276kB Jul31 13)

Group Project (Acrobat (PDF) 375kB Jul31 13)

Flier for Student Presentations (Acrobat (PDF) 213kB Jul31 13)