Environmental Biology: Ecosystems of Southwest Florida

David Green, Instructor II,
Florida Gulf Coast University
College of Arts and Sciences
Department of Marine and Ecological Sciences

Environmental Biology, BSC 1051C, is a 3 credit hour non-science majors course that
examines environmental science and the role humans play in global sustainability, both locally and regionally.

The environment of southwest Florida is used as an example to investigate
environmental concepts within their ecological, cultural, economic, and historical contexts. This course is inquiry based and fully integrated with both laboratory and field experiences which emphasize active learning strategies. We will be engaged in active-learning techniques designed to make student learning fresh, exciting, and hands-on (based on the SENCER method –

Students will acquire baseline scientific knowledge of crucial conservation and management issues relating to regional and global sustainability by developing the critical thinking skills necessary to understand, communicate, and make evidence-based decisions regarding human use and impacts of coastal watersheds and ecosystems.

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