The Course


Syllabus for Environment and Disease (Acrobat (PDF) 199kB Jul8 08)

Course Format

The course met twice a week for 1 hr and 20 minutes and once a week for 2 hr and 30 minutes for the laboratory. Although there were different lecturers, one faculty member was present at every meeting and provided continuity - periodically interrupting a lecture to point out connections to other lectures. Because of the diversity of faculty teaching, the lecture format varied significantly from standard lectures to class discussions to small groups working on problems. In addition to the three exams, paper and five laboratory reports, there were also periodic homework assignments.

Malaria: Environment and Disease Labratory

Malaria Lab (Acrobat (PDF) 180kB Jul8 08)

Climate Modeling: Part A: The Energy Balance Model

The Energy Balance Modeling Lab (Acrobat (PDF) 196kB Jul8 08)

Climate Modeling: Part B: The Java Climate Model

The Java Climate Model (Acrobat (PDF) 415kB Jul8 08)

Using Tree Rings as Indicators of Past Climates

Tree Ring lab (Acrobat (PDF) 249kB Jul8 08)