Evaluating Learning

Grade Allocation | Exams and Quizzes | Homework Format and Policies | Weekly Experiments

Grade Allocation  

Midterm Exam - 15%
Midterm Exam 2 - 15%
Final Exam - 25%
Laboratory - 35%
Homework - 10%

In-class assignments will be regularly given out in lectures, and some of these will be collected and reviewed. There will be no formal grade component for these assignments, but they will be used in deciding cases of borderline grades.

Exams and Quizzes  

  • The exams will contain questions covering the lectures, readings, and laboratory projects. Before each exam, a set of study questions for the lecture topics will be distributed. The final exam will be cumulative and integrate topics from throughout the course. Homework assignments provide practice with some types of questions that will appear on the exams.
  • If you will miss one midterm exam because of illness, you must contact Professor Jordan by e-mail before the start of the exam and provide a doctor's note explaining your absence. No make-up exams will be given for the course. Instead, the final exam will count as 45 % of your course total. Since the final is cumulative and the most difficult exam of the course, this option is not advisable unless extreme circumstances prevail. If you miss two midterm exams you will be required to withdraw from the course.
  • A make-up will be given for the final exam only for an exceptional reason that must be discussed with Professor Jordan prior to the exam. In this case a grade of incomplete will be given for the course and the make-up will be scheduled for the fall 2000 semester. No alternative date for the final exam will be offered at the end of the spring semester. Please avoid making travel plans to leave NYU before the date of the final exam.

Homework Format and Policies  

  • The homework assignment will contain questions that review the course material and/or questions that relate to the lab project. Certain questions on the homework assignments may require you to access information on relevant web sites. Each homework assignment will contain 10 questions, of which 3 will be graded. Each homework assignment will be worth 10 points, with 3 points per graded question and
    1 point for completing all the questions.
  • All work must be submitted on time for full credit. Any late assignments must be placed in the mailbox outside Main 202 and will be penalized 5 points per day (excluding weekends). If you miss a lecture or laboratory session due to a documented absence you are still required to complete the homework assignment. Contact your laboratory instructor to arrange a suitable deadline for completion of the work.

Weekly Experiments  

  • Laboratory work until the beginning of the water projects will consist of weekly experiments. These experiments have been designed to cover central topics in the lectures and to provide you with the opportunity to become skilled at scientific observation and data interpretation. Some of the experiments also use computers since they are now a central tool in scientific investigation.
  • Each weekly experiment is worth 50 points:
    Attendance - 10 Points
    Quiz - 10 Points
    Lab Assignment - 30 Points
  • Questions for the laboratory quiz will be based on the description of the experiment in the laboratory manual and may also include pertinent material from the lectures and readings. Arriving more than 10 minutes late for the lab will exclude you from taking the quiz.
  • The lab assignment must be completed and submitted during the laboratory period by working collaboratively with your laboratory partners.