Evaluating Learning

Short Papers

Each paper is three to four page long on matters of public interest/consequence with some statistical information. Papers should be doubled spaced. Be sure to include title page with your name, due date and the title of the paper. List all reference and source material used. The paper should be turned in at the beginning of the class period on the due date.

CHANCE Fair (Final Project)

There will not be a final exam for the course. In its place student will undertake a major research project. The course will conclude with a Chance Fair where the student will do a poster presentation of the Final project to the class. The fair will be held during the last week of the class. The research paper pertaining to the Chance Fair project is due the day of the final exam as set by the college calendar.

Examples of some Chance Fair Project Topics:

  • Rape-Violation of Body and Soul
  • Drinking and Driving-It Hurts Everybody!
  • Death Penalty and Proportionality Review
  • Anorexia
  • Depression
  • World Over- Population-Problems and Discussions
  • Separate Society-Racial Conflict in U.S.
  • Domestic Abuse
  • Suicide–A U.S. Epidemic