Why Should You Care About Biological Diversity?

Eleanor J. Sterling, Nora Bynum, Melina Laverty, Ian Harrison, Sacha Spector, and Elizabeth Johnson - Center for Biodiversity and Conservation, American Museum of Natural History

Topics of Interest to the SENCER Community

The Paper Begins with a Definition of Biodiversity and Recommends Areas of Public Policy and Academic Interest for Preserving Biodiversity

Includes a Brief Discussion About the Necessity of Teaching Students About Biodiversity from a Multidisciplinary Standpoint

  • Such methods will help students understand the ways in which issues of biodiversity directly impact their lives.
  • Such teaching strategies will also reinforce the concept of human dependency on diverse species of plants and animals for health and survival.

Provides an Overview of Problems Faced in Biodiversity Conservation from the Genetic Level to the Species and Community Levels

Explains the Role of Education and Public Policy in Reversing Biodiversity Depletion and Insuring the Success of Future Biodiversity Conservation Efforts

Full Report

Why Should You Care About Biological Diversity? (Acrobat (PDF) 89kB Jul17 08)