Linking Science and Social Issues

How Life Science in ContextLinks Interdisciplinary Science and Social Issues:

Scientific ContentCivic Connection
Biology of HIV grasping why it is so difficult to produce a vaccine against HIV; learning how to protect oneself from HIV
Mathematical Probabilityodds of contracting a communicable disease; HIV/AIDS statistics and political implications
Anti-Retroviral Drugsequitable distribution of drugs to treat HIV/AIDS
Immunodiagnostic Testing; ELISA availability of testing for HIV/AIDS and the stigma associated with being HIV+
Ethnobotanicals distribution, efficacy, and knowledge of herbal drugs; pros and cons of herbal medicines
Zoonotic Diseases understanding the origin of certain communicable diseases
Epidemiology of HIV/AIDS removing suspicion, conjecture, and pseudoscience from communicable diseases
Cytology, Virology national and international funding of basic research is vital for medical research
Hematology the diagnosis of diseases of the blood requires training of competent health care providers
Nutrition link between malnutrition and the progression of HIV/AIDS and parasitic diseases in Kenyan society; food insecurity
HIV/AIDS and Gender the disproportionate level of infection in women, and how women cope with the disease
Global Warming shifting agriculture belts in Kenya and the U.S.
Biofuels increased pressure on food-crops for food in Kenya and the U.S.
Biodiversity analysis of Kenyan policy permitting the use of public forests for farming
Biology of Parasitic Diseasesthe economics and feasibility of testing and treating for seven of the great neglected tropical diseases
Resource Partitioningcompetition with wildlife for food, land, and water
Wildlife Management ecotourism, game fences


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