The Effect of Land Masses on Climate

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This video describes the complex connections between land (the lithosphere) and other parts of Earth’s climate system. Animations from NOAA show how distance from the equator affects average temperature in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres. The video emphasizes five land factors that influence climate: latitude, elevation, topography, surface reflectivity, and land use.

Subject: Environmental Science:Land Use and Planning, Geoscience:Atmospheric Science:Climate Change, Environmental Science:Global Change and Climate:Climate Change:Climate feedbacks, Anthropogenic causes, Environmental Science:Global Change and Climate, Global Change and Climate:Climate Change, Geoscience:Atmospheric Science:Climate Change:Anthropogenic causes, Climate feedbacks, Geoscience:Atmospheric Science:Climatology :Global energy balance, Climate sensitivity and feedbacks, Solar radiation, Geoscience:Atmospheric Science:Climatology
Resource Type: Audio/Visual:Animations/Video
Grade Level: Middle (6-8), High School (9-12)