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NOAA/NESDIS/National Geophysical Data Center (NGDC), Marine Geology & Geophysics Division (MGG) Web

Available on this site is a host of images, maps, and animations derived from bathymetric and topographic data. Static images and maps include those of estimated seafloor topography from satellite altimetry, total sediment thickness of the ocean floor, Great Lakes bathymetry, world crustal ages, and coastal relief. Of particular note is an interactive surface map of the Earth, which is composed of enlargable two-minute color relief images. The more basic animations portray global relief, estimated seafloor topography, and world crustal ages on rotating globes. Also provided are two animated tours depicting dives into the Marianas Trench: one portraying a flight through the hypothetically drained Great Lakes, another that is user-controlled showing the bathymetry of Monterey Bay. Various posters and slides of the above topics are available, as are additional images on a linked FTP site.

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