Pilot 2006 Environmental Performance Index

Yale Center for Environmental Law and Policy, the Center for International Earth Science Information Network of Columbia University, Columbia University

This website provides environmental data and summaries that compare 133 countries along 16 environmental policy criteria. Categories include air quality, water resources, environmental health, sustainable energy, resource management, and habitat and biodiversity. The full report is available for download either in separate sections or as a complete, but large, file. Raw data for each criterion is also available in Excel files.

Subject: Environmental Science:Policy:Global Policy, Environmental Science:Ecosystems:Habitats, Geoscience:Atmospheric Science:Meteorology:Air quality, Geoscience:Atmospheric Science:Climate Change, Climate Change:Public policy , Greenhouse gas emissions, Environmental Science:Ecosystems:Biodiversity, Environmental Science:Water Quality and Quantity, Sustainability, Forest Resources, Global Change and Climate:Climate Change:Public policy, Environmental Science:Global Change and Climate:Ozone depletion, Environmental Science:Air Quality, Global Change and Climate:Climate Change:Greenhouse gas emissions
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Special Interest: Sustainability
Theme: Teach the Earth:Incorporating Societal Issues:Public Policy, Teach the Earth:Course Topics:Atmospheric Science, Teach the Earth:Teaching Topics:Weather, Teach the Earth:Incorporating Societal Issues:Climate Change, Teach the Earth:Course Topics:Environmental Science, Teach the Earth:Teaching Topics:Biocomplexity, Water, Teach the Earth:Incorporating Societal Issues:Sustainability
Environmental Policy: Global PolicyKeywords: child mortality, sanitation, urban particulates, regional ozone, nitrogen loading, wilderness and ecoregion protection, timber harvest rate, agricultural subsidies, overfishing, energy efficiency, renewable energy, carbon dioxide per GDP