Margaret McFall-Ngai Lab

Margaret J. McFall-Ngai, University of Wisconsin Madison Medical School

This University of Wisconsin–Madison Medical Microbiology and Immunology website features the lab of Margaret McFall-Ngai. The McFall-Ngai Lab studies how environmentally rare bacteria are harvested from the host's habitat during the onset of a horizontally transmitted symbiosis, the mechanisms by which the host recognize its specific symbiotic partner(s), the influences of symbiotic bacteria on the development of the host tissues with which they associate, the maintenance of the symbiont population over the host's lifetime, and the similarities and differences between pathogenic and beneficial animal-bacterial interactions. The site includes links to an overview of lab projects and personnel, a complete list of all Euprymna scolopes/Vibrio fischeri papers in order of publication date, a detailed list of lab publications, and related links.

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