GFDL VisGallery

Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory , NOAA

This site contains visualizations and animations based on the results of the Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory's research. They are offered as examples of various visualization techniques and their use in conveying complex results as understandable images. A number of visualizations are also available in the form of annotated handouts. Various topics are covered, including the atmospheres of Mars, Jupiter and Earth, climate diagnostics and prediction, hurricanes, oceans, and meso-scale dynamics.

Subject: Geoscience:Oceanography, Environmental Science:Natural Hazards:Extreme Weather:Hurricanes, Geoscience:Lunar and Planetary Science, Geology:Geophysics:Computer Modeling, Geoscience:Atmospheric Science, Atmospheric Science:Climatology , Meteorology:Extreme weather
Resource Type: Audio/Visual:Images/Illustrations, Animations/Video
Special Interest: Hazards
Theme: Teach the Earth:Teaching Topics:Weather, Teach the Earth:Course Topics:Planetary Science, Oceanography, Teach the Earth:Incorporating Societal Issues:Climate Change, Teach the Earth:Course Topics:Environmental Science, Atmospheric Science, Geophysics, Teach the Earth:Incorporating Societal Issues:Hazards
Data Derived: Data Derived
Data Source: Observational Data, Synthetic/Model Data
Science Background Required: Broadly accessible
Topics: Atmosphere, Climate, Ocean, Solar system