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Science Policy part of SERC Print Resource Collection
R. A. Jr. Pielke
Science policy involves consideration of two fundamental human activities: science and policy. People make decisions of valued outcomes, so thinking about science policy necessarily implicates ...

Earth and Mind: How Geologists Think and Learn about the Earth part of SERC Print Resource Collection
C.A. Manduca, D.W. Mogk
What does it mean to be a geoscientist? What characterizes the expertise that geoscientists bring to understanding the Earth? How do students develop this expertise? This volume brings together ...

Spatial Ability and Earth Science Conceptual Understanding part of SERC Print Resource Collection
Alice A. (Jill) Black
Relatively little research has considered the relationship of spatial abilities with common misconceptions and broader conceptual difficulties in the Earth sciences. This article from the Journal of ...

Students, fieldwork, space and time part of SERC Print Resource Collection
C. King
This paper suggests how to get students to build up an overall perspective of the different rock sequences they see during a field excursion. It outlines a five-prong approach aimed at understanding ...

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