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Combining a historical geology project with a campus student organization's fundraising efforts part of SERC Print Resource Collection
Laura Guertin, Catherine Nguyen
This project has students model the geologic timescale using distance as a metaphor for time. Each student writes a summary of a major event or fossil organism. The students would station themselves ...

Mass Extinction Debates: How Science Works in a Crisis part of SERC Print Resource Collection
William Glen
This is a history of science project documenting a controversy as it unfolds. The controversy in question is whether the K/T extinction was caused by catastrophic volcanism or an asteroid impact. ...

Geology as an historical science: Its perception within science and the education system part of SERC Print Resource Collection
Jeff Dodick, Nir Orion
This article discusses the history of the relationship between geology and physics. For a long time, geologists have sought to emulate the perspective and methodology of physics, while neglecting its ...

Measuring student understanding of geological time part of SERC Print Resource Collection
Jeff Dodick, Nir Orion
This paper includes a copy and an assessment of the GeoTAT, a test of students' aptitude to understand geologic time, particularly their ability to work out stratigraphic relationships and to make ...

Earth history on the gridiron part of SERC Print Resource Collection
S.T. LoDuca, C.F. Ojala
This article details the use of a football field as a metaphor for geologic time and includes several diagrams emphasizing different kinds of Earth history events, such as major periods of ...

Collaborative learning in an upper-division university geobiology course part of SERC Print Resource Collection
M. Savarese
The paleontology course described in this article has fully half of the lecture time devoted to group projects: reviewing original literature, engaging in debate, working with data sets and solving ...

When Life Nearly Died: The Greatest Mass Extinction of all Time part of SERC Print Resource Collection
Michael J. Benton
This book deals with the mass extinction at the end of the Permian. It includes a vivid description of the 19th and 20th century controversies about catastrophism and the K/T extinction. The author ...

Mysteries of Terra Firma: the Age and Evolution of the Earth part of SERC Print Resource Collection
J.L. Powell
This book deals with the history of three controversial ideas: the age of the Earth, continental drift, and meteor impacts as a cause of mass extinction.

The Two-Mile Time Machine: Ice Cores, Abrupt Climate Change, and our Future part of SERC Print Resource Collection
Richard B. Alley
Alley studies ice cores like those from Greenland which contain both paleoclimate information and annual layers. According to these, the Earth has recently (last 10-14,000 years) undergone very rapid ...

Introducing Evolution to Non-Biology Majors Via the Fossil Record: A case study from the Israeli High School System part of SERC Print Resource Collection
J. Dodick, and N. Orion
This paper discusses the curriculum, From Dinosaurs to Darwin: Evolution from the Perspective of Geologic Time, and a case study of the implementation of that curriculum in a high school class. Many ...

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