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First-Year Students 'Go Beyond' with Integrative Inquiry into Abrupt Change part of SERC Web Resource Collection

Tricia Ferrett
In a first-year seminar on abrupt change in climate and human networks, the author analyzed student writing for integrative science learning that 'goes beyond'. Her research maps what students gain ...
Research on Learning: Instructional Design:Inquiry-Based Learning, Geoscience Expertise:Geologic Time, Complex Systems, Drawing Inferences, Instructional Design:Interdisciplinary Education, Ways Of Learning:Cooperative Learning, Cognitive Domain:Metacognition, Cognitive Development, Affective Domain, Ways Of Learning:Active/Kinesthetic/Experiential

The Effect of an Earth-Science Learning Program on Students' Scientific Thinking Skills part of SERC Print Resource Collection
Nir Orion, Yael Kali
This study published in the Journal of Geoscience Education explores junior high school students' understanding of the essential concepts involved in scientific thinking: observation, hypothesis and ...

Research on Learning: Cognitive Domain:Metacognition, Geoscience Expertise:Complex Systems, Geologic Time

The Effects of Different learning Tasks on Model-building in Plate Tectonics: Diagramming Versus Explaining part of SERC Print Resource Collection
Janice D. Gobert
Based on previous work in students' conceptions in geology, this article from the Journal of Geoscience Education features three studies of students' conceptions and cognition in plate tectonics. ...

Research on Learning: Cognitive Domain:Misconceptions/barriers to learning, Geoscience Expertise:Complex Systems, Geologic Time

Spatial Ability and Earth Science Conceptual Understanding part of SERC Print Resource Collection
Alice A. (Jill) Black
Relatively little research has considered the relationship of spatial abilities with common misconceptions and broader conceptual difficulties in the Earth sciences. This article from the Journal of ...

Research on Learning: Spatial Intelligence, Geoscience Expertise:Complex Systems, Geologic Time, Cognitive Domain:Misconceptions/barriers to learning

Earth and Mind: How Geologists Think and Learn about the Earth part of SERC Print Resource Collection
C.A. Manduca, D.W. Mogk
What does it mean to be a geoscientist? What characterizes the expertise that geoscientists bring to understanding the Earth? How do students develop this expertise? This volume brings together ...

Research on Learning: Geoscience Expertise:Complex Systems, Drawing Inferences, Assessment:Classroom Methods, Spatial Intelligence, Instructional Design, Geoscience Expertise:Geologic Time, Cognitive Domain:Cognitive Development, Ways Of Learning:In the Field

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