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Why Some Students Have Trouble with Maps and Other Spatial Representations part of SERC Print Resource Collection
Toru Ishikawa, Kim A. Kastens
This survey published by the Journal of Geoscience Education has discovered several insights that cognitive and learning sciences can use in geoscience education. First, different students respond to ...

Selective encoding in the interpretation of topographic maps part of SERC Print Resource Collection
M. Eley
This paper describes two experiments in which experienced adult map readers compared three-dimensional land surface drawings against previously and separately studied contour maps. Results indicate ...

Effect of Type of Practice in a Computer Aided Design Environment in Visualizing Three-Dimensional Objects from Two-Dimensional Orthographic Projections part of SERC Print Resource Collection
R. Duesbury, H. O'Neil
This study to determine the effect of practice in manipulating two- and three-dimensional wireframe images on a learner's ability to visualize 3D objects shows that those who received practice ...

Enhancing the Visuo-Spatial Aptitude of Students part of SERC Print Resource Collection
T. Lord

Spatial Ability, Navigation Strategy and Geographic Knowledge Among Men and Women part of SERC Print Resource Collection
J. Dabbs Jr., E. L. Chang, R. Strong, R. Milun
This study tested the differences in navigation strategy and geographic knowledge between men and women. Men proved to be better than women in mental rotation skill, but men and women were equal in ...

Questions and Conjectures Concerning Models, Misconceptions and Spatial Ability part of SERC Print Resource Collection
S. Dyche, P. McClurg, J. Stepans, M. L. Veath

Sex-related Differences in Spatial Ability: What Every Geography Educator Should Know part of SERC Print Resource Collection
C. Self, R. Golledge

The differential susceptibility of topographic map interpretation to influence from training part of SERC Print Resource Collection
M. Eley
This study appraises the extent to which subjects' implementation of map to landsurface matching is task-determined or influenced by training. Study subjects comprised three groups of 19 early ...

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