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A collection of resources related to understanding spatial thinking in the geosciences.


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Skill in map reading and memory for maps part of SERC Print Resource Collection
K. Gilhooly, M. Wood, P. Kinnear, and C. Green
This paper investigates the applicability of the maxim on expert memory to the case of topographic contour map reading. This study aims to clarify the role of map reading skill in map memory through ...

Freshmen learning in a web-based chemistry course part of SERC Print Resource Collection
Y.J. Dori
Chemistry courses in higher education have traditionally been composed of lectures, problem solving sessions and laboratories. This study describes a Web-based chemistry course and the learning ...

"Where are We?": An interactive multimedia tool for helping students learn to "translate" from maps to reality and vice versa part of SERC Print Resource Collection
K. A. Kastens, D. VanEsselstyn, R. O. McClintock

Use of a virtual environment in the Geowall to increase student confidence and perfomrance during field mapping: An example from an introductory-level field class part of SERC Print Resource Collection
Michael M. Kelly, Nancy R. Riggs
Geology students often have difficulty learning the baseline terrain-analysis skills required for success in introductory field geology. Students in the Introductory Field Methods class at Northern ...

Extending space: Exploring the territory of spatial development part of SERC Print Resource Collection
L. Liben

Longitudinal study of children's reasoning about space and geometry part of SERC Print Resource Collection
R. Lehrer, M. Jenkins, H. Osana

Bringing the Field into the Classroom by Using Dynamic Digital Maps to Engage Undergraduate Students in Petrology Research part of SERC Print Resource Collection
Theresa M. Boundy, Christopher Condit
We utilize Dynamic Digital Maps (DDMs) in our undergraduate petrology courses to bring in accessible and exciting volcanic field areas to the students in the class room and to engage the students in ...

Water Towers, Pump Houses, and Mountain Streams: Students' Ideas about Watersheds part of SERC Print Resource Collection
Daniel P. Shepardson, Jon Harbor, Bryan Wee
The watershed concept is important in many areas of geology and environmental science, and the purpose of this study was to investigate students' ideas about watersheds and how these ideas change ...

Spatial Ability and Earth Science Conceptual Understanding part of SERC Print Resource Collection
Alice A. (Jill) Black
Relatively little research has considered the relationship of spatial abilities with common misconceptions and broader conceptual difficulties in the Earth sciences. This article from the Journal of ...

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