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A collection of resources related to understanding spatial thinking in the geosciences.


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Spatial Schemas in Depictions part of SERC Print Resource Collection
Barbara Tversky
Depictions, such as maps, that portray visible things are ancient whereas graphics, such as charts and diagrams, that portray things that are inherently not visible, are relatively modern inventions. ...

Design, Implementation, and Evaluation of GIS-based Learning Materials in an Introductory Geoscience Course part of SERC Print Resource Collection
Michelle Hall-Wallace, Carla M. McAuliffe
Classroom observations were used to implement course redesign so that students could complete activities with minimal instruction in GIS. Quantitative measures of student knowledge were determined ...

Real world knowledge through real-world maps: A developmental guide for navigating the educational terrain part of SERC Print Resource Collection
L. S. Liben, K. A. Kastens, and L. M. Stevenson
This article discusses the relationship between map-navigational skills and more general representational and spatial skills. It reviews relevant developmental and educational research and highlights ...

Position Location on Topographical Maps: Effects of Task Factors, Training and Strategy part of SERC Print Resource Collection
N. Schofield, and J. Kirby
This study examines task factors, cognitive processes, and individual differences as determinants of performance differences when locating a position on a topographical map from a given position on ...

Earth and Mind: How Geologists Think and Learn about the Earth part of SERC Print Resource Collection
C.A. Manduca, D.W. Mogk
What does it mean to be a geoscientist? What characterizes the expertise that geoscientists bring to understanding the Earth? How do students develop this expertise? This volume brings together ...

The Microcosmos Curriculum Guide to Exploring Microbial Space part of SERC Print Resource Collection
Douglas Zook
This book, a product of a science education program supported by the National Science Foundation, integrates biology and life sciences through hands-on activities. These activities present microbes ...

Spatial Ability and Earth Science Conceptual Understanding part of SERC Print Resource Collection
Alice A. (Jill) Black
Relatively little research has considered the relationship of spatial abilities with common misconceptions and broader conceptual difficulties in the Earth sciences. This article from the Journal of ...

Water Towers, Pump Houses, and Mountain Streams: Students' Ideas about Watersheds part of SERC Print Resource Collection
Daniel P. Shepardson, Jon Harbor, Bryan Wee
The watershed concept is important in many areas of geology and environmental science, and the purpose of this study was to investigate students' ideas about watersheds and how these ideas change ...

Why Some Students Have Trouble with Maps and Other Spatial Representations part of SERC Print Resource Collection
Toru Ishikawa, Kim A. Kastens
This survey published by the Journal of Geoscience Education has discovered several insights that cognitive and learning sciences can use in geoscience education. First, different students respond to ...

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