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A collection of resources related to understanding spatial thinking in the geosciences.


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Integrating Handheld Technology with Field Investigations in Introductory-level Geoscience Courses part of SERC Print Resource Collection
Laura A. Guertin
Many geoscience students do not receive the opportunity to use handheld computers and similar tools during field experiences until they enroll in upper-division courses or attend field camp. Although ...

Visual Strategies: A Practical Guide to Graphics for Scientists and Engineers part of SERC Print Resource Collection
Felice C. Frankel, Angela H. DePace
The guide sets out strategies and offers examples to assist researchers - even those with no previous design training - with creating effective visual graphics for use in multiple contexts, including ...

The Hidden Earth: Visualization of Geologic Features and their Subsurface Geometry part of SERC Web Resource Collection

Jessey David
This PDF from researchers at Arizona State University illustrates useful graphs, charts and maps with which to teach undergraduates petrology and other processes beneath the earth's surface.

Development and Evaluation of Where are We?: Map-skills Software and Curriculum part of SERC Print Resource Collection
Kim Kastens, D. Kaplan, K. Christie-Blick
Improvements in the instructional materials used in the prototype version of the Where are We program were accomplished through formative evaluation. These improvements include replacement of ...

An Interactive Multimedia Tool for Helping Students to Translate from Maps to Reality and Vice Versa part of SERC Print Resource Collection
Kim Kastens, D. VanEsselstyn, R. McClintock
This article outlines the rationale and implementation of the early phases of the Where are We? map utilization program. This program uses multimedia technology to help students understand how 2-D ...

Scale and Detail in the Cognition of Geographic Information part of SERC Print Resource Collection
D. R. Montello, R. G. Golledge

Cognitive Models of Dynamic Geographic Phenomena and their Representations part of SERC Print Resource Collection
S. Hirtle, A. MacEachren

Multiple Modalities and Multiple Frames of Reference for Spatial Knowledge part of SERC Print Resource Collection
S. M. Freundschuh, H. A. Taylor

Software for Assisting High School Students in the Spatial Perception of Geological Structures part of SERC Print Resource Collection
Yael Kali, N. Orion
This paper investigates students' spatial perception of three-dimensional geological structures. Software was developed to assist students in developing the spatial skills needed for such perception. ...

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