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Sense of Place and Place-Based Introductory Geoscience Teaching for American Indian and Alaska Native Undergraduates part of SERC Print Resource Collection
Steven Semken
A student's "sense of place" incorporates their affective as well as cognitive responses to physical places. Students with strong cultural bonds to homelands, many of whom are ...

Subject: Geography:Human/Cultural, Education
Research on Learning: Instructional Design:Teaching in the Field, Interdisciplinary Education, Ways Of Learning:In the Field, Cognitive Domain:Knowledge Transfer, Affective Domain, Cultural Differences

Learning oceanography from a computer simulation compared with direct experience at sea part of SERC Print Resource Collection
W. Winn, F. Stahr, C. Sarason, R. Fruuland, P. Oppenheimer, and Y.-L. Lee
A one day field trip on a research vessel in Puget Sound helped undergraduate students understand the context of an oceanographic lesson, and improved the conceptual understanding of students who ...

Subject: Geoscience:Oceanography, Education
Research on Learning: Instructional Design:Use of Technology, Teaching in the Field, Ways Of Learning:In the Field, Active/Kinesthetic/Experiential, Cognitive Domain:How information is organized:Mental models

Earth and Mind: How Geologists Think and Learn about the Earth part of SERC Print Resource Collection
C.A. Manduca, D.W. Mogk
What does it mean to be a geoscientist? What characterizes the expertise that geoscientists bring to understanding the Earth? How do students develop this expertise? This volume brings together ...

Subject: Education
Research on Learning: Geoscience Expertise:Complex Systems, Drawing Inferences, Spatial Intelligence, Assessment:Classroom Methods, Geoscience Expertise:Geologic Time, Cognitive Domain:Cognitive Development, Ways Of Learning:In the Field, Instructional Design

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