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Conceptions of natural selection: A snapshot of the sense making process part of SERC Print Resource Collection
This study investigates why students retain naïve explanations of natural phenomena even after being presented with scientifically acceptable explanations and whether changes over time ...

Research on Learning: Cognitive Domain:How information is organized:Mental models
Subject: Biology:Evolution, Education

The Distribution of Resources and Expertise and the Implementation of Schoolwide Reform Initiatives part of SERC Print Resource Collection
Using a sample of 499 teachers from 23 schools engaged in locally-designed schoolwide reform initiatives, the authors analyzed how well access to expertise predicted the influence of reforms on ...

Research on Learning: Ways Of Learning:Social Networking
Subject: Education

Integrating undergraduate education and scientific discovery through field research in igneous petrology part of SERC Print Resource Collection
We recast a standard igneous petrology course at Fort Lewis College into a field-based, inquiry-driven research course focused on a specific field area, in this case the Tertiary volcanic complex at ...

Research on Learning: Instructional Design:Teaching in the Field, Ways Of Learning:In the Field
Subject: Geoscience:Geology:Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology

Thinking Critically about Critical Thinking part of SERC Print Resource Collection
Research has shown that the skills of critical thinking must be practiced with a wide variety of problems in many different contexts in order to be learned and retained. The exercises, questions, and ...

Research on Learning: Cognitive Domain
Subject: Education

ThinkerTools: Causal Models, Conceptual Change, and Science Education part of SERC Print Resource Collection
This article describes an approach that enables sixth graders (i.e., 11- and 12-year-olds) to develop a conceptual model that embodies the principles underlying Newtonian mechanics, and to apply ...

Research on Learning: Instructional Design:Constructivism, Scaffolding, Use of Technology, Cognitive Domain:Cognitive Development, Affective Domain:Gender Differences , Cognitive Domain:How information is organized:Mental models, Cognitive Domain:Metacognition
Subject: Physics:Education Foundations:Student Populations, Physics:Education Practices:Technology, Education, Physics: Foundations:Learning Theory, Physics:Education Practices:Instructional Material Design, Physics:Education Foundations:Achievement, Physics:Classical Mechanics, Education Foundations:Cognition

Causal Model Progressions as a Foundation for Intelligent Learning Environments part of SERC Print Resource Collection
This paper describes the theoretical underpinnings and architecture of a new type of learning environment that incorporates features of microworlds and of intelligent tutoring systems. The ...

Research on Learning: Affective Domain:Learning Environments, Instructional Design:Use of Technology, Cognitive Domain:Metacognition
Subject: Education

Facilitating Students' Inquiry and Learning and Metacognitive Development through Modifiable Software Advisers part of SERC Print Resource Collection
In this chapter, the authors argue that young students need to develop conscious, explicit theories of their own and each other's cognitive and social processes. Such awareness can enable them to ...

Research on Learning: Instructional Design:Inquiry-Based Learning, Constructivism, Cognitive Domain:Metacognition, Cognitive Development
Subject: Education

The Role of Metacognitive Knowledge in Learning, Teaching, and Assessing part of SERC Print Resource Collection
Examines one type of knowledge not included in the original Taxonomy of Educational Objectives, metacognitive knowledge. Based on the work of Flavell, this paper identifies three types of ...

Research on Learning: Cognitive Domain:Metacognition
Subject: Education, Psychology

Using a Metaphor for Learning to Improve Students' Metacognition in the Chemistry Classroom part of SERC Print Resource Collection
A constructivist framework was used in conjunction with an interpretive methodology to investigate the effect of an intervention using the metaphor 'learning is constructing' on students' ...

Research on Learning: Cognitive Domain:Metacognition
Subject: Education

Downloading the Science Inquiry of An Expert: Metacognition Made Explicit part of SERC Print Resource Collection
The imperative for teaching science inquiry in K-12 classrooms to promote future scientists has prompted academicians and practitioners to focus on problem-based or inquiry teaching/learning. This ...

Research on Learning: Cognitive Domain:Metacognition
Subject: Education

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