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Formalizing semantic spaces for information access part of SERC Print Resource Collection
This article follows the adoption of information visualization tools by researchers in geography, computer science, and information science to explore very large data archives. Database content can ...

Research on Learning: Ways Of Learning:Visual Learning, Cognitive Domain:How information is organized
Subject: Geography, Physics:Other Sciences:Computer Science, Library Science

Sense of Place and Place-Based Introductory Geoscience Teaching for American Indian and Alaska Native Undergraduates part of SERC Print Resource Collection
A student's "sense of place" incorporates their affective as well as cognitive responses to physical places. Students with strong cultural bonds to homelands, many of whom are ...

Research on Learning: Instructional Design:Teaching in the Field, Interdisciplinary Education, Ways Of Learning:In the Field, Cognitive Domain:Knowledge Transfer, Affective Domain, Cultural Differences
Subject: Geography:Human/Cultural, Education

Pictorial Aids for Learning by Doing in a Multimedia Geology Simulation Game part of SERC Print Resource Collection
How can we help students learn to solve authentic geology problems within a virtual environment? This article describes the results of various scaffolding methods for students who were asked to ...

Research on Learning: Instructional Design:Use of Technology, Scaffolding, Ways Of Learning:Verbal, Cognitive Domain:How information is organized:Mental models, Ways Of Learning:Visual Learning, Cognitive Domain:Knowledge Transfer, Spatial Intelligence:Maps
Subject: Geoscience:Oceanography:Physical , Geoscience:Geology, Geography:Physical, Education

Testing the first law of cognitive geography on point-display spatializations part of SERC Print Resource Collection
This exploratory essay delves into the history and problems of cognitive map design. Cognitive-map design research has the goal of understanding cognition in order to improve the design and use of ...

Research on Learning: Spatial Intelligence:Maps, Cognitive Domain
Subject: Geography, Education

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